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Amazing magic acts for any event. We supply great magic acts for adults and children who perform close up, roving, stage and ambient magic entertainment. We have table magicians, pickpockets, illusionists, comedy magicians, street magicians, themed magicians and childrens magic. Brilliant entertainment for your event

If you do not see the magician here you want please contact us as we have a network of magicians across the UK who are waiting to entertain at your event


To help you choose here are details of what each type of magician performs

Close Up Table Magic


Close up magic can be performed around tables during a dinner, on the street, at trade shows - in fact anywhere you want to have engaging entertainment to enliven your event. Close up magic is 

Pickpocket Magicians


Pickpocket magicians are great entertainment for a range of events. They can perform as wandering magicians entertaining during meet & greet or as table magicians. They can also perform amazing stage shows. Choose a pickpocket magician and they will be a highlight of the entertainment at your event

Stage Illusion Magic Shows


Illusionists are great entertainment for stage shows. They perform spectacular illusions and some add a great dose of comedy to their shows which adds to the entertainment. Please contact us for more information about how these acts can add that wow factor to your event

Medieval Jester Themed Magic


Many events have a distinct theme and we can provide magicians for a range of themes including medieval, Victorian, Cotton club and other themes. The magicians perform in themed costume and some of the magic can be themed as well

Bunco Booth Street Magicians


Street magic has become very popular recently but this style of magic has a long history. We can provide both contemporary street style magicians as well as themed street magicians such as the Victorian 'bunco booth' act that has been popular for over a hundred years

Comedy Stage Magic


Comedy magicians are great fun for many events. They perform roving magic or stage magic shows. Although many magicians add comedy to their acts, comedy magic emphasises the comedy bringing laughter to their amazing performances. And of course much of the magic performed by childrens' magicians is comedy magic. We have comedy magic acts suitable for various events, please contact us for details

Childrens Magicians


Childrens' magicians are very popular entertainment for various childrens' events. Most usually entertaining at birthday parties these magicians will make your child's party special. Many not only perform magic but also perform balloon modelling and some other skills such as juggling or circus skills workshops

Multi Skilled Performers - Magic, Stilt Walking, Juggling


Some of our magicians are multi-skilled and can perform other entertainment along with their magic. Additional skills include balloon modelling, juggling, stilt walking and circus skills workshops.  Please contact us for more details about the packages of entertainment our acts can provide


This gallery shows some of the amazing magic acts we supply. It includes close up magicians, table and roving magicians, pickpocket magicians, stage illusionists, themed magicians, street magicians and childrens' magicians. If you do not see the magic act you want here please contact us as we can provide any magic act available in the UK


We provide any act for any event. Some of the range of acts we supply are shown below and include jugglers, acrobats, human statues, fire performers, caricaturists, aerialists, escapologists, glow LED artists and balloon modellers.

All the acts we supply are high quality experienced entertainers. Please contact us for more details about our acts and the full range of entertainment we can provide for your event

Jugglers and Juggling Acts


Amazing juggling acts for your event. They can perform shows, roving or ambient performances. We have a wide range of themed jugglers performing a range of skills including club juggling, hula hoop, diabolo, cigar boxes, poi and many other skills

Acrobats, Contoritionists, Hand Balancers


Stunning acrobat acts to amaze your guests. Great range of skills including adagio acrobatics, hand balancing, contortion and aerial acrobatics. Acts can perform shows or ambient entertainment

Caricaturists and Silhouette Artists


High skill caricaturists are great entertainment for any event. Our artists will leave everyone smiling and able to take home a memorable caricature

Human Living Statue Acts


Human living statue acts are great entertainment for a wide range of events. We have an amazing range of live statue acts including nations, sports, medieval, British and many other themes

Fire Performers & Dancers


Spectacular fire acts to add that wow factor to your event. We supply fire performers with a range of skills including fire juggling, breathing, eating, spinning and hula hoop. They can perform shows or ambient entertainment

Glow LED Light Performers


Glow acts are the new circus skills act that will add that wow factor to your event. Amazing skills and visuals will make your event special. The glow performers can create amazing patterns, logos, text and colours in their performances making it a unique form of entertainment

Caricaturists and Silhouette Artists


Brilliant silhouette artists will cut silhouettes for your guests leaving them with an amazing gift to take away from your event. 

Circus Skills Workshops


Circus skills workshops are popular with children and adults alike. We can provide circus skills workshops for any event and teach a wide range of skills including juggling, diabolo, stilt walking, hula hoop, unicycling and many other skills. We can provide workshops for schools, fun days, team building events and weddings among many other events

Balloon Modellers and Twisters


Amazing balloon modellers who create stunning balloon art for your event. Our balloon twisters create a wide range of models which will have you amazed at what can be created with balloons! Its not just dogs and swords!

Aerial Acrobatic Acts


Spectacular aerial acrobats will perform amazing skills in shows or ambient performances at your event. Our aerial acrobats can perform trapeze, silks, rope, hoop and bungee aerial skills



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